Thursday, January 15, 2009


To Charmaine over at Middle Age Dating
I just couldn't resist.
..Sorry I need to learn how
to link posts...

Danger! Danger! Don’t pick him

His eyes look like he’s full of sin.

It’s not that he’s an ugly fellow

But why are his eyes red and yellow?

Discard! Discard! He’s turning blue

Wait could that be his new tattoo?

He’s hiding from the human race

By putting pictures across his face.

Oh No! Oh No! That’s not the one

He does look cute and lots of fun.

There’s no room for you upon the shelf

He obviously just loves himself!

Reject! Reject! This one looks bad

The worse one that you have ever had

He’s casual and so sublime

And just committed another crime!

Decline! Decline! His eyes are crossed

He sort of looks like he is lost.

He’s feet go one way, his head another

He’s looking for his long lost mother!

Oh Me, Oh My! Another choice

This one has a cracking voice

He’s too young for you it seems

The law says he must be sixteen!


Stesha said...

Thanks for the warning!

Charmaine said...

hee hee. That was FUNNY!!!!!!

I'm contemplating posting an email I received from Evil Surfer Dude. It is SO flat out EVIL that it knocked me off my chair.

He told me I "have wrinkly boobs...can you imagine? I'm going to be 48 next month...I'm just lucky they havent sagged to my knees.

To link, (I just learned too) when you are composing your post, highlight the word you want to activate the link, then click on the tiny gold link icon (it's small and is shows two gold links) then it automatically opens a window where you can cut and past the blog address into.)

I just saw that Ann Coulter clip. I love how she blames the women who actually stick around to RAISE the children.

But she has ALWAYS been horrible. ALWAYS

in time out said...

love the poem. great post!

Anonymous said...

Hugs award for you at my blog!

Anonymous said...

I totally loved that! I really like your relaxing site design too. I so need a blog makeover.

Cammie said...

ohhh, love your makes me feel all warm and summery

Cant Hardly Wait said...

I loved the poem, funny stuff.