Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Well...what can I say...GUILTY !!! My last post was for everyone to have a great weekend. Someone, and I won't name names, gently and nicely pointed out that the weekend was over. Such a subtle a unique reminder that I should have posted a new post by now. Thank You.

So...What did I do with my weekend. Well, mostly, I worked. 12 hour days or in my case, from 630 at night to 7 in the morning. Now before you gasp I will tell you that I like that shift. It is quiet and management is gone. I get lots of work done and have time to play a few computer games. Unfortunately there is no internet connection so I can't blog. I will have to see what I can do about that.

I finished work at 7 on Sunday morning so I had the rest of the day off. It was nice to lay around and watch some TV, listen to music, catch up on some commenting, have a nice long bath with candles, a couple of naps and a few other favorite hobbies. Just a quiet nice day which was most enjoyable. Of course the down side to doing only my favorite things on Sunday is that Monday comes around and all the chores need to be done. Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyday was a Sunday. Heck, I wouldn't even mind working.

What is your favorite day to relax?

Friday, March 27, 2009

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Well I think I have just met the most insistent saleswoman ever.

My eldest daughter and I were out thrift store shopping. She is learning ballroom dancing and needed some "eloquent" dresses to wear. You know the type...sexy at the top, often with beads and bangles, jewels and other such sparkly things that a magpie would love to have. The bottoms have the irregular hemline with lots of flowing soft material that swirls around. These dresses are not cheap so we hunt for them. BINGO....first store. There were lots of them BUT (and of course there is always a but) they were not in her size. She tried on about 5 or 6 and started getting discouraged. She is a tiny little thing compared to me and wears maybe a size 6 maybe 8 depending on the cut and the dress maker. Anyway, these were all WAY to big.

Enter helpful salesperson. "Oh" she said when we said they were too big on her. "I have one in the window that may fit." Off she went to get it. Now I know I checked the windows out and couldn't think of one dress that would be suitable for dance. Back she came with the dress. Now....I am trying to be nice here. Remember that as I tell the rest of this story. This dress was not only butt ugly, it probably was a size 20 and I am not exaggerating. It was browny/beige and looked somewhat like a sack. A big sack at that and something or someone had left a errant deposit upon it. I politely said "No" and put it on a rack and explained to her what we needed the dress for. She picked it off the rack and handed it back to me and said it might be worth trying on anyway. Again I said "No" and added my daughter was small and this dress was too big and put it back on the rack. Now she started to annoy me. She added that it could be tailored where upon I said "It is not right". It is the wrong color, the wrong size and was cotton. Cotton just doesn't swirl in dance." "No". She would not give up. She insisted that if we added some pleats at the waist we could get extra material for the dress to "swish". I am now giving up any hope of remaining civil. I said "No" probably a little louder than I wanted to. Hoping beyond anything that this woman would finally get the hint that this was one sale she wasn't going to make. NOPE. I was wrong. She said that if we took the dress, she would take 10% off the price since we would have to have it altered. I knew beyond a doubt I was going to get snippy if I opened my mouth for anything more than a "No". Soooooo, I bit my tongue, and said no and turned away.

Give up.....NO WAY ON EARTH WAS SHE QUITTING..... Faster than a cheetah after a gazelle she had that dress whipped off the rack and over to my daughters dressing room. She handed it to her saying "just try it on." Just like you did when your kids were 7 years old. Oooops....my daughter let out a squeal that would make a mother pig proud. "Mom, that is the UGLIEST dress ever" (cause she thought it was me that handed the dress in). I thought the poor woman was going to burst of embarrassment. Now if the dress had been the color of her face it might have had something going for it.

In retrospect, I know the woman was trying to help but got in the way and was trying so hard she forgot what we needed. I also don't blame her for trying to get the dress out of the door. It really was horrid. If I had owned the store it a) wouldn't have gotten through the door and b) would have made it out the door in the garbage can....immediately.

Monday, March 23, 2009


So far on my last post I have had 4 people "visiting" that are advertising on my blog. I deleted the comments and ads but can anyone tell me how to stop this from happening again?



Well I have had enough of winter, the cold and just blah days. I want warmth and sunshine and maybe a few palm trees. Ooops...got a little carried away there as we don't have them here. I will settle for flowers. Lots and lots of them in every color. Oh...and a hammock....like this

I can't see orange things without thinking of Yaya. I see stuff and think she would like that or wonder if she has one of those. Orange is going to drive me as I am a purple person....See what you have done? You owe me!!!!

My daughter...delightful child that she is, called me a sicko. (See Lana's blog). What kind of offspring calls their very own loving and devoted mother a sicko. I mean I am just devastated. Just like her cat is... WHEN WILL CHILDREN UNDERSTAND.
In fact I have decided to go and have some chocolate and if I gain weight...Boy are you ever in trouble for upsetting me girl..... (thanx for the excuse)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Thursday, March 19, 2009

This Blogging Business

This blogging business is hard. I mean, like hard. As in difficult. How do you keep coming up with stuff to write about. Everyday life…..WHAT?? You want to be bored to tears maybe? My life is such that I often bore myself. As an example. Today I got to sit in a Union meeting for 8 hours and then had my taxes done. Ooooo…so exciting!! Now I get to play on the computer for a few hours. Oh and watch a hockey game.

Mind you I will write about 30 blogs of which I shall immediately erase cause they will so droll they will make me fall asleep. Face it…they bored me. So I will not burden you with that nonsense.

Maybe I could tell my fellow bloggers about the “dying” goat. Or about the day I spent getting rid of all my old paperwork. Nope. There are much better things to write about I said although I can’t think of any. Would they be interested in hearing about how big of a pot hole there was on the road and I damaged my rim and blew the tire out. Nah…. How about my first pet….a budge named Chipper. We had to give him away when we were moving. See boring. And before any of you bright-eyed bloggers out there think to help me….NO I WILL NOT WRITE ABOUT MY LOVE LIFE….. not that there is anything interesting in that either since we are so far apart.

Don’t give up on me though. I really will come through for you if you stick with me. Once my brain settles back to earth I will put out all the stops.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009

Today I went to my mailbox.

It was stuffed so full I could hardly get the stuff to come out. I noted the care in which the mail person put it in….NOT…. rammed in would be a better description. I tugged and pulled till I got a piece out and then…out came the rest onto the floor. My 7 year old grandson was with me so I had to keep my cuss words in my head although they desperately wanted to come out. He pitched in and started picking the papers and that is when I realized that most of the stuff from the box were flyers, Pizza coupons, furnace cleaning…you know the stuff. I threw about 80% of the stuff away into the bin we have next to the mailboxes. When I got home, I sorted the mail further. Would you believe me if I told you that out of that perfectly packed crushed up mail, I kept only one cheque (income tax rebate) and one bill that I have already paid. That was it!!!! Talk about a waste of trees.

Anybody else have issues with the amount of non-mail that is delivered?

Friday, March 13, 2009

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I WON.....

Well bloggy friends...I won the election. woo-hoo.....and no that shouldn't be capitalized. I am STILL the President. Now I get to go on to bigger and better battles with the management. Not to worry though...I sorta like to fight with them. Cause I win there too. Maybe that's why no one wanted it. Cause I am doing such a bang up job everyone was scared to run against me...Yeah Yeah...THAT'S IT.... Anything or Anyone who tries to get me out of my delusional world will pay...you have been warned !!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009


Sorry bloggy friends…I have been very neglectful but haven’t meant to be. I have been very busy. I am the President of our local Union and have been busy trying to get elected again. …. Wait….that isn’t quite true. You see…We are a very small local. No one else really wanted the job. I mean really…no one wanted it, so to have a local and have some one represent them, I stepped into the position about 2 and half years ago and have been stuck….I mean I have been doing the job since. And even though there was no one else, we still, under the constitution, had to post election notices and everything. So I was campaigning like crazy trying to get some one else to step up to the plate. Alas I failed and am still doing the job. Am I to be congratulated??? That would be a big NAH…. I don’t mind doing it but it really is starting to take up a lot of my time that I would rather be doing other things. Like BLOGGING…

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I am about to make a confession. Embarrassing….not too bad but still. I can get into deeper transgressions later but for now, here goes.

I was just randomingly lurking when I read a blog that mentioned wrapping paper in the blog. My mind drifted to my stash.

You see…under my bed is a huge container of wrapping paper AND in my closet is another one. I swear I won’t buy any more until it’s gone but really. But then I wouldn’t get any new paper for 10, 20, 30 years. YES I have that much. In fact, I have told my 2 daughters, my mother and one sister NOT to buy paper. Come use mine. Help me I cried. They have come for the past 3 years and wrapped presents from my beloved paper. And trust me that with 9 grandchildren, lots of presents get wrapped, but the containers are still full.

I have an obsession . I recognize that I need to get my head straighten out on this one. So I am asking you these questions in hopes that your answers will lead me down a better path. My addiction depends on you. Here goes.

If you had a gift given to you this Christmas/Birthday/other occasion and next Christmas you got another one from the same person, wrapped in the same wrapping paper as the first one, (decorations and bows different) would you …..
a) Remember it was the same paper? and
b) Would you be insulted? and
c) Would you think the giver was a cheapo? and
d) Do you think I am going crazy?

I await your final verdict…

Morning Wishes