Monday, December 29, 2008


The Christmas rush is over and I find myself at a bit of a loss. Nothing to plan for and that sorta leaves me hanging. I don't know what to do. You see, I am a list maker....I make lists for everything. For example: Christmas dinner. Out comes the Excel Spread Sheet. Everything is put on that beautiful paper...who is coming, what they are bringing, when the turkey goes in the oven and when it comes out, what equipment is needed, and who is assigned to look after what. And on and on. My beautiful lists are kept upon my fridge to be followed by one and all. Maybe it's a little anal but it keeps me sane.

Till this Christmas !!

It started out right....then the powers that be said NUH AH! And the world went black...power out an hour after I put my beautiful turkey in the oven. Okay....don't panic....think....will wait for a bit and see what happens. About an hour later the power comes back on. Dinner will be a little late..not much though as I always have it out and done a little early.
All is right with the world again and the festivities continue.

OH YEAH.....DREAM ON... a few hours later.....Guess What? The power goes off again. Now I have a half cooked turkey and it is getting late to call off the dinner. My mind is racing. Okay Plan C....take turkey to daughters house up the road and cook it there. No basting but the bird will survive.
In the effort to remain positive, I reminded them that we will have hot food to eat while sitting in the dark.

The power came back about an hour before everyone arrived. This too was in doubt because of the big snow storm. We weren't sure if people were going to be able to even get here. There were several cancellations but I understand why. But those that braved the storm would be hungry and expecting a feast. Off goes the Ex to retrieve the offending (it is taking the blame for all the problems) and hopefully fully cooked bird.

Everything was set....People came and visited. A good time for all. More presents ripped open and people were laughing and enjoying themselves. Then everyone ate like there was no tomorrow and the turkey was perfect. And the food was gone in like ...20 minutes. ALL THAT FOR 20 MINUTES??? YUP!!!

We started the clean up and people started drifting out. THEN the power went out again...just as we were nearly finished cleaning up. It was so black in the hall. Some candles were found in a cupboard and we had to go rescue a three year old who was stuck on the potty. Bravo to her for not panicking.

Next year I put a contingency plan or two on my list.....

Friday, December 12, 2008


Okay…..where to start. I have to get this exercising in. Must trim off the fat and weight. Stretching….that’s a good place to begin. I slowly raise my arms, stretch stretch stretch. That wasn’t so bad now...try the right leg. Bring it up to chest…..made it half way but the roll on my belly stops me from going further. Inspired that I don’t have to go that far, I try the raising the left knee. Nope, it didn’t fare any better. Okay, I know where the work has to take place. I was full stretched out and all warmed up (it felt hot in here) I decide to attack the dreaded belly. That of course means working the abs. Except I don’t appear to have any. How stupid is that I ask!! How can you work something that you don’t even have??? Okay…I will sit down and cool off while pondering this dilemma.

While sitting, I see my desk has accumulated a few items which do not belong. I blame these errant articles for the disarray which is sprawled over the top. I wonder who put all that crap on here? I look around to find the offender but sadly I realize there is no one there and he/she isn’t likely to show up as I live alone. So I have to make a decision. Back to my work out or clean the desk.

I thought about my problem. If I leave my desk this messy, will I be able to do a proper work out while thinking about the chaos which is reigning by the computer. And if I do my cleaning up, will I ever find those lost stomach muscles which everyone tells me is somewhere in there? These questions!!! They must be answered. I figure the fat around my middle will have to forgive me for not attempting to shed it with a vigorous and diligent workout. The desk wins….

I spot a couple of envelopes. Empty. I guess I could put them in the recycle. I get up and take them to the bin. Ooops. It’s full. Another chore that no one around here wants to do. Since I was doing something to get out of something, I had better take care of it. Into a bag it goes and put it by the door so I will remember to haul it out when I go out. Back to the desk. I find a package of gum I thought I had lost, two pens, a notepad with last weeks grocery list which I forgot when I went to the store. Reading it I realize I missed half the stuff on it. Still don’t have the things on it so I must not have needed them as badly as I thought. Okay….list is in the garbage. Wait…better take it out and make a new list in case. Make new list….throw old one out.

Phone rings…answer it. Hey a girlfriend I haven’t heard from for a couple of months. What am I doing…just finished working out and was cleaning up around here. Lunch…sure…meet you in an hour….

Problems solved!!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Now and Then

Today the kids want electronic games

Cell phone requests abound

Expensive clothes and pricey gear

The peace is never found

It seems these days we just spend

To have the perfect season

We’ll go in debt to get the things

But is that the proper reason

We need to take a look at what

Christmas really is

Family, sharing and lots of love

Friends and the birth of Jesus

What happened to the simpler times

When gifts were made with love

When a doll or truck was more than enough

Or a scarf, or a puzzle or gloves

Candles placed upon the tree

Lit with a magical glow

Childrens’ eyes shone just as bright

In the Christmases long long ago

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Jesus, Santa and Children

There comes a time in all of our lives when we stop believing in Santa, the Tooth Fairy and monsters under the bed. It seems these days children find out sooner rather than later about Santa and a piece of their short childhood is stripped a way. But I wonder… that because they are smarter and learn faster or is it because we let the proverbial cat out of the bag. Is it because it is easier for us to have them know the truth? We want to be the first to let our kids know and then we won’t have to pretend anymore? We can pump ourselves up and say we were always honest with our kids….but at what cost?

Children want to believe. I remember when a friend of mine told me there was no Santa. I was devastated. Of course I was home in a flash and asked my parents. My wise and gracious mother informed me that there really wasn’t a man dressed in a red and white suit but that Santa was a spirit of Christmas. She explained that giving was part of Christmas and remembering Jesus. That Jesus was born and gave his life for us. We celebrate his life and his death and by him doing so, he gave us the promise of ever lasting life so that we could give.

Jesus, our Lord and Savior, asks that we help our fellow man and walk in trust and love. He also asks that we receive that love. Santa asks that we be good and gives us things. When the time came and we found out that there really isn’t a Santa and we realized that our parents were giving us all the gifts, did any of us stop to say thank you to them? How many of us took the time to actually say, “Thanks Mom and Dad. You made my Christmases so memorable. I don’t know how you did it.” I know that I forgot to do that little thing.

My mom told me that by believing in Santa, we became better people. We give to others so they can learn what receiving was about. We weren’t to give so we could get a present back, but to give unselfishly. Like Santa and Jesus. They never get back nor could we afford the cost if the truth be known. Anyway, I believed in Santa for a few more years and never regretted it. I let my children decide for themselves whether the jolly old man was real or not, although I admit, I did everything I could to perpetuate that custom and I never actually said there wasn’t a real Santa. And now I get to do the whole thing over with my grand babies. Children and Christmas….what a match !!!

We get so caught up in the season and it often seems that it gets longer. The stores start so early with decorations, TV advertisements abound, the requests for donations for food banks, homeless, and other less fortunate folk, the so called obligations for gatherings and parties, the rush, the roar and the constant “Jingle Bells” playing in our ears.

BREATH….Breath long and deep. Exhale. This isn’t a race. There are no winners. This is Christmas…the most wonderful holiday in the year. We have to slow down and remember it isn’t the cost of the gift…’s the thought. And if it isn’t….it should be. We need to teach that to our children too.

So do yourself a couple of favors this year. Enjoy Christmas again. Make it really the season of peace and good will. Make things simpler. Find the beauty and reason for the season. Keep the secret of Santa from the kids. Let them share in the wonderful gift of childhood for as long as they can and share the story of Christ. I mean isn’t that what Christmas is all about…...sharing? Oh..... and if you are lucky enough to still have your parents around…..remember to thank them too.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


The morning frost lay on the ground

Like diamonds sparkling bright

Little gems of water blink

Beneath the pale sunlight.

It crunches below the running feet

Of children off to school

And melts under the warming sun

In tiny little pools.

There for a moment, then it’s gone

It fades in light of day

It brings the cold and makes us know

That winters on its way.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Joy of My Mind

I can’t remember not loving music. And before I go any further, I am not a musician. Oh I wanted to be. Didn’t we all have dreams like that once? Gigantic dreams of becoming a diva and travel to the corners world delighting the throngs of followers with our skill and talents. The crowds would be larger than any other performers. My clear precise voice would amaze and astound all that heard it. I even learned to play the guitar so I wouldn’t have to sing a cappella.

But in my car…that’s another story. My delusions of grandeur are at the top of the fantasy chart. I am invited by the best of the best to sing with them in concert. The likes of Garth Brooks, Anne Lennox, Enya and Queen. No genre is beyond my capacity. No note to high or long. I am a natural and they all want me with them. I make them look and sound good. Of course this takes all my time and with so many clamoring after me, I have to turn some offers down. Mostly the rappers as I am not as fond of their music as I am with some others. (and I don’t know the words). Yup….turned down….how will they manage?

When in my car, I practice. I tootle down the road with my CD or radio turned up and I belt it out at the top of my voice. (or no voice) The critics are amazed. I even get high praise and adulation from Simon. And we all know how hard that is, don’t we? The record labels are after me to sign a contract as I make them easy money. I am so good that when in the studio, my recordings take only one or two takes. Two only because I hear some small imperfection and although no one else does, I want it perfect. So we redo it, right this time. (back up CD player)

But having said all that, I do love music, even if I butcher it sometimes beyond recognition or am completely off key and can’t remember the words properly (that’s really when the retakes are done). I have fondness for soft easy listening songs that make my heart and mind think of love and romance. The songs that make your brain go off into dreamland for a few seconds. The ones where you can make your own videos in your head.

Music soothes me, makes me laugh, heals me, makes me happy, gives me strength, and lifts me up. It can also make me cry or be sad. Music reminds me of times that brought great joy into my life and also times of hurt and sorrow. Weddings, funerals, night clubs, birthdays, or simple gatherings around a campfire. No matter which emotions surface or how even how good or bad is associated with music we all have to admit that music is integral in our lives. Every store we go into, TV shows we watch, every school, any movie and come to think of it, every elevator. It is everywhere.

I have been known to sing around a campfire and with real people around. And what’s more….they didn’t leave. Major accomplishment…..(she said with her chest puffed out). And I admit that my neighbours may have to tolerate my showers. NO NO, I meant listening through the walls while I am in the shower singing. ALONE….I am quite alone…thank you for ­­asking or assuming.

I couldn’t live without music in my life. It is as normal to listen and enjoy music as it is to breathe. I shall continue to boogie down the road with my tunes playing in my car and probably will be out of my reality world as I do it. So if you see me in my vehicle, lips moving and seemingly a little out of it, just leave me be. I am not swearing at you, just dancing in my head. I will come back to planet earth soon enough and deal with the real stuff when I get where I am going.

Alas… I will never sing quietly in the forest and have the little birds and new born baby animals swarming around me with enchantment and awe…oops….got a little carried away again.

Reality has to set in sometime...... la di la la...hummmm

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


When the men go off to war

The women often cry

They are the ones left behind

To and sit wonder why

They’re the ones that have to hold

The family as one

And wonder if it will still be whole

When the war is finally done

They hide their fears

They go to work and hold the line

They write letters to their men

They volunteer their time

They oversee the day to day

And hope things won’t go wrong

They think their man will be home soon

He won’t be gone for long

But things don’t always go as planned

In wartime people die

Some men come home without their limbs

Without their face or eyes

And while the men fight for peace

Women wait and hope and pray

Their men will somehow live

To come home another day.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Waiting For You

Waiting For You


Yet not alone

Heart full of love and belief

Waiting for fulfillment


And not having

Impatient with desire

The craving for loves touch


Hoping for time to pass

Needing you near

Needing you to hold


Heart aching with a hunger

Longing for you

Passion building


I wait in the quiet

For you to come

I know you love me

As I love you

Friday, October 31, 2008

Wonderful Women

Reading other ladies blogs makes me wonder.

All the books and all the TV shows, never prepared anyone for such reality. It is true that as we live our lives, we are usually to busy to see small everyday things. Let me tell you...THESE LADIES see it all and tell it in their blog with humor and stories.

The ladies who blog on here are really REALLY living life as real people. They express their hopes, their love, their frustrations, their problems, tears, dreams, losses, going mad and laughter. Some talk about family, chairs, telephone calls, mistakes, pumpkins or any other subject that has entered their heads. Sometimes it's poop that brings out the inspiration for a story. They are talented enough to express all of the daily grinds in our busy lives. Today someone talks of children fighting and tomorrow it's a new dress they bought for an occasion. It simple doesn't matter. They have found an outlet to keep them sane while letting others know they are not alone in the world.

These remarkable women will never win a Pulitzer Prize for their creations but they should for being mothers and wives, for sharing, helping each other and for making it to the end of the day and starting again tomorrow morning......early. They should be place high in our regard. They should be honored for being everyday heroes who live the REAL life.

We as a society rarely think of any of these ladies as heroines. We think that a person who rushes into a burning building is a hero. Someone who rescues another is a hero. Someone who does a epic deed for the sake of another....

But lets face it. THEY are the ones who face each day with challenges that would overpower half the population of earth. They balance budgets (some better than others), they shop for the family, cook, and clean and are expected to do so. It's their job. Yet society often thinks little or nothing of their value. They are considered home makers. Unpaid, unskilled and unappreciated. And because they have no "paid" job, they usually aren't even entitled to have a credit card in their name unless the other half signs for them. Sad commentary but true.

Wait a cotton picking minute here!!! Unskilled??? They are nurses (unlicensed). They can kiss pain away or bribe it away with a band-aid (providing it has the right design on it....spiderman for the boys and princesses for the girls). They are chauffeurs, teachers, chefs, accountants and a myriad of other occupations depending on the day or the need. And some of these talented ladies work outside the home too.

And just when we think we have the role defined, they also turn out to be friends. They talk about real life so others won't feel alone. They tell their tales so others can see they aren't going through life alone and that the same crazy thing their kid did, yours will too. Moody some times, full of laughter at another. Mischievous, angry, heart warming or frustrated. They are lovers, fighters, and genuine people.

They give all they have to the ones they love. They worry over small details about their children growing up. They are a friend and partner to their mates. They care about others. They truly are heroine in their actions and their deeds.

I challenge everyone to read the blogs. They are amazing. They will make you laugh and cry. They will make your day and you will know at the end, exactly what I mean.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Well, I am going to try this. I want to post my thoughts and poems and stories to see if they are enjoyed. Not the most original reason for doing it but an honest one. I will get to see the results and know whether to continue writing and posting or just write for myself.

So now I will go and pick through the piles of papers to find something suitable for print. Not that my work isn't suitable for family reading, it's just that I would like to present my first posting with one of my best. (personal opinions do count) Bear with me.

I will post new projects every week and check for comments.