Monday, December 29, 2008


The Christmas rush is over and I find myself at a bit of a loss. Nothing to plan for and that sorta leaves me hanging. I don't know what to do. You see, I am a list maker....I make lists for everything. For example: Christmas dinner. Out comes the Excel Spread Sheet. Everything is put on that beautiful paper...who is coming, what they are bringing, when the turkey goes in the oven and when it comes out, what equipment is needed, and who is assigned to look after what. And on and on. My beautiful lists are kept upon my fridge to be followed by one and all. Maybe it's a little anal but it keeps me sane.

Till this Christmas !!

It started out right....then the powers that be said NUH AH! And the world went black...power out an hour after I put my beautiful turkey in the oven. Okay....don't panic....think....will wait for a bit and see what happens. About an hour later the power comes back on. Dinner will be a little late..not much though as I always have it out and done a little early.
All is right with the world again and the festivities continue.

OH YEAH.....DREAM ON... a few hours later.....Guess What? The power goes off again. Now I have a half cooked turkey and it is getting late to call off the dinner. My mind is racing. Okay Plan C....take turkey to daughters house up the road and cook it there. No basting but the bird will survive.
In the effort to remain positive, I reminded them that we will have hot food to eat while sitting in the dark.

The power came back about an hour before everyone arrived. This too was in doubt because of the big snow storm. We weren't sure if people were going to be able to even get here. There were several cancellations but I understand why. But those that braved the storm would be hungry and expecting a feast. Off goes the Ex to retrieve the offending (it is taking the blame for all the problems) and hopefully fully cooked bird.

Everything was set....People came and visited. A good time for all. More presents ripped open and people were laughing and enjoying themselves. Then everyone ate like there was no tomorrow and the turkey was perfect. And the food was gone in like ...20 minutes. ALL THAT FOR 20 MINUTES??? YUP!!!

We started the clean up and people started drifting out. THEN the power went out again...just as we were nearly finished cleaning up. It was so black in the hall. Some candles were found in a cupboard and we had to go rescue a three year old who was stuck on the potty. Bravo to her for not panicking.

Next year I put a contingency plan or two on my list.....

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