Tuesday, November 25, 2008


The morning frost lay on the ground

Like diamonds sparkling bright

Little gems of water blink

Beneath the pale sunlight.

It crunches below the running feet

Of children off to school

And melts under the warming sun

In tiny little pools.

There for a moment, then it’s gone

It fades in light of day

It brings the cold and makes us know

That winters on its way.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Joy of My Mind

I can’t remember not loving music. And before I go any further, I am not a musician. Oh I wanted to be. Didn’t we all have dreams like that once? Gigantic dreams of becoming a diva and travel to the corners world delighting the throngs of followers with our skill and talents. The crowds would be larger than any other performers. My clear precise voice would amaze and astound all that heard it. I even learned to play the guitar so I wouldn’t have to sing a cappella.

But in my car…that’s another story. My delusions of grandeur are at the top of the fantasy chart. I am invited by the best of the best to sing with them in concert. The likes of Garth Brooks, Anne Lennox, Enya and Queen. No genre is beyond my capacity. No note to high or long. I am a natural and they all want me with them. I make them look and sound good. Of course this takes all my time and with so many clamoring after me, I have to turn some offers down. Mostly the rappers as I am not as fond of their music as I am with some others. (and I don’t know the words). Yup….turned down….how will they manage?

When in my car, I practice. I tootle down the road with my CD or radio turned up and I belt it out at the top of my voice. (or no voice) The critics are amazed. I even get high praise and adulation from Simon. And we all know how hard that is, don’t we? The record labels are after me to sign a contract as I make them easy money. I am so good that when in the studio, my recordings take only one or two takes. Two only because I hear some small imperfection and although no one else does, I want it perfect. So we redo it, right this time. (back up CD player)

But having said all that, I do love music, even if I butcher it sometimes beyond recognition or am completely off key and can’t remember the words properly (that’s really when the retakes are done). I have fondness for soft easy listening songs that make my heart and mind think of love and romance. The songs that make your brain go off into dreamland for a few seconds. The ones where you can make your own videos in your head.

Music soothes me, makes me laugh, heals me, makes me happy, gives me strength, and lifts me up. It can also make me cry or be sad. Music reminds me of times that brought great joy into my life and also times of hurt and sorrow. Weddings, funerals, night clubs, birthdays, or simple gatherings around a campfire. No matter which emotions surface or how even how good or bad is associated with music we all have to admit that music is integral in our lives. Every store we go into, TV shows we watch, every school, any movie and come to think of it, every elevator. It is everywhere.

I have been known to sing around a campfire and with real people around. And what’s more….they didn’t leave. Major accomplishment…..(she said with her chest puffed out). And I admit that my neighbours may have to tolerate my showers. NO NO, I meant listening through the walls while I am in the shower singing. ALONE….I am quite alone…thank you for ­­asking or assuming.

I couldn’t live without music in my life. It is as normal to listen and enjoy music as it is to breathe. I shall continue to boogie down the road with my tunes playing in my car and probably will be out of my reality world as I do it. So if you see me in my vehicle, lips moving and seemingly a little out of it, just leave me be. I am not swearing at you, just dancing in my head. I will come back to planet earth soon enough and deal with the real stuff when I get where I am going.

Alas… I will never sing quietly in the forest and have the little birds and new born baby animals swarming around me with enchantment and awe…oops….got a little carried away again.

Reality has to set in sometime...... la di la la...hummmm

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


When the men go off to war

The women often cry

They are the ones left behind

To and sit wonder why

They’re the ones that have to hold

The family as one

And wonder if it will still be whole

When the war is finally done

They hide their fears

They go to work and hold the line

They write letters to their men

They volunteer their time

They oversee the day to day

And hope things won’t go wrong

They think their man will be home soon

He won’t be gone for long

But things don’t always go as planned

In wartime people die

Some men come home without their limbs

Without their face or eyes

And while the men fight for peace

Women wait and hope and pray

Their men will somehow live

To come home another day.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Waiting For You

Waiting For You


Yet not alone

Heart full of love and belief

Waiting for fulfillment


And not having

Impatient with desire

The craving for loves touch


Hoping for time to pass

Needing you near

Needing you to hold


Heart aching with a hunger

Longing for you

Passion building


I wait in the quiet

For you to come

I know you love me

As I love you