Friday, October 31, 2008

Wonderful Women

Reading other ladies blogs makes me wonder.

All the books and all the TV shows, never prepared anyone for such reality. It is true that as we live our lives, we are usually to busy to see small everyday things. Let me tell you...THESE LADIES see it all and tell it in their blog with humor and stories.

The ladies who blog on here are really REALLY living life as real people. They express their hopes, their love, their frustrations, their problems, tears, dreams, losses, going mad and laughter. Some talk about family, chairs, telephone calls, mistakes, pumpkins or any other subject that has entered their heads. Sometimes it's poop that brings out the inspiration for a story. They are talented enough to express all of the daily grinds in our busy lives. Today someone talks of children fighting and tomorrow it's a new dress they bought for an occasion. It simple doesn't matter. They have found an outlet to keep them sane while letting others know they are not alone in the world.

These remarkable women will never win a Pulitzer Prize for their creations but they should for being mothers and wives, for sharing, helping each other and for making it to the end of the day and starting again tomorrow morning......early. They should be place high in our regard. They should be honored for being everyday heroes who live the REAL life.

We as a society rarely think of any of these ladies as heroines. We think that a person who rushes into a burning building is a hero. Someone who rescues another is a hero. Someone who does a epic deed for the sake of another....

But lets face it. THEY are the ones who face each day with challenges that would overpower half the population of earth. They balance budgets (some better than others), they shop for the family, cook, and clean and are expected to do so. It's their job. Yet society often thinks little or nothing of their value. They are considered home makers. Unpaid, unskilled and unappreciated. And because they have no "paid" job, they usually aren't even entitled to have a credit card in their name unless the other half signs for them. Sad commentary but true.

Wait a cotton picking minute here!!! Unskilled??? They are nurses (unlicensed). They can kiss pain away or bribe it away with a band-aid (providing it has the right design on it....spiderman for the boys and princesses for the girls). They are chauffeurs, teachers, chefs, accountants and a myriad of other occupations depending on the day or the need. And some of these talented ladies work outside the home too.

And just when we think we have the role defined, they also turn out to be friends. They talk about real life so others won't feel alone. They tell their tales so others can see they aren't going through life alone and that the same crazy thing their kid did, yours will too. Moody some times, full of laughter at another. Mischievous, angry, heart warming or frustrated. They are lovers, fighters, and genuine people.

They give all they have to the ones they love. They worry over small details about their children growing up. They are a friend and partner to their mates. They care about others. They truly are heroine in their actions and their deeds.

I challenge everyone to read the blogs. They are amazing. They will make you laugh and cry. They will make your day and you will know at the end, exactly what I mean.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Well, I am going to try this. I want to post my thoughts and poems and stories to see if they are enjoyed. Not the most original reason for doing it but an honest one. I will get to see the results and know whether to continue writing and posting or just write for myself.

So now I will go and pick through the piles of papers to find something suitable for print. Not that my work isn't suitable for family reading, it's just that I would like to present my first posting with one of my best. (personal opinions do count) Bear with me.

I will post new projects every week and check for comments.