Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I am about to make a confession. Embarrassing….not too bad but still. I can get into deeper transgressions later but for now, here goes.

I was just randomingly lurking when I read a blog that mentioned wrapping paper in the blog. My mind drifted to my stash.

You see…under my bed is a huge container of wrapping paper AND in my closet is another one. I swear I won’t buy any more until it’s gone but really. But then I wouldn’t get any new paper for 10, 20, 30 years. YES I have that much. In fact, I have told my 2 daughters, my mother and one sister NOT to buy paper. Come use mine. Help me I cried. They have come for the past 3 years and wrapped presents from my beloved paper. And trust me that with 9 grandchildren, lots of presents get wrapped, but the containers are still full.

I have an obsession . I recognize that I need to get my head straighten out on this one. So I am asking you these questions in hopes that your answers will lead me down a better path. My addiction depends on you. Here goes.

If you had a gift given to you this Christmas/Birthday/other occasion and next Christmas you got another one from the same person, wrapped in the same wrapping paper as the first one, (decorations and bows different) would you …..
a) Remember it was the same paper? and
b) Would you be insulted? and
c) Would you think the giver was a cheapo? and
d) Do you think I am going crazy?

I await your final verdict…


Lana said...

a) possibly. but I am your daughter and I KNOW you and your paper obsession/copulsion.

b)Only if the gift was crappy



Anonymous said...

I would recognize the same paper only if it was something fancy or personal. I remember the paper our one friends use each year because it is felt-like and very fancy. I remember the paper my mother in law uses because she usually gets something penguin related because that's our favorite animal. But, other than that, you're probably fine to just keep on wrapping!

Hmmmm...a wrapping paper addiction huh? Guess there's been worse addictions than that!

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

a)Id probably only remember it if it was either REALLY cool or REALLY ugly

b)no I wouldn't be insulted unless it was in the really ugly wrapping paper hehe

c)not a cheapo just apparently REALLY likes this wrapping paper

d) I can not comment as I do not know you well enough but according to your daughter....yes hehe

by the way Id be happy to take some of your paper off your hands I never have any when I need some...so send some my way!!!!

Kathy B! said...

A) Honestly, I'm more interested in what's underneath the paper (shallow, I know).

B) If I did notice I wouldn't be insulted. Ya gotta finish up that roll somehow!

C) Nope! Now if the gift was cheapo... well, that might be a different story!

D) I think there's a certain amoutn of insanity intrinsic in the blogosphere so I'll just say that I don't think you're any crazier than the rest of us : )

Happy Wrapping!!!

Debbie said...

I get so excited to receive a gift - paper and tape start flying everywhere. I would never in a million years remember and if I did, I wouldn't care.
Now, wrap something up and send it to me!

Kim said...

I would never remember!! I use the same from year to year. Sometimes because I like it and sometimes because I bought a lot.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have enjoyed reading yours!!

Bee and Rose said...

I never remember paper! I am a huge gift bag re-user. I think I've used the same bags for Xmas for years! lol! When do you begin the support group for people like us? I will be there!

(no, in these tough economic times, it's the smart thing to do!)

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't notice for a second that the paper was the same and even if I did notice, I wouldn't give a flying fig. You's crazy, fo sho!

Anonymous said...

I think my mom has the same addiction. She's told me for years to come use hers. Our families that we buy for aren't small...she NEVER runs out!

As for the paper. I wouldn't notice. I wouldn't notice it a year after receiving it for the first time much less a week after. Use it again! No one will know but you and if someone does, tell them that every time you see the paper, you think of them. Or you can tell them that you seem to be drawn to the same paper again and again....

(finally getting around to adding you to the blogroll too...my addiction - procrastination).

MindyLew said...

I wouldn't even remember the paper just the gift. In my family we are used to getting gifts either wrapped with newspaper or plastic bags - So I have to say this is probably why the paper never mattered. :)