Thursday, March 19, 2009

This Blogging Business

This blogging business is hard. I mean, like hard. As in difficult. How do you keep coming up with stuff to write about. Everyday life…..WHAT?? You want to be bored to tears maybe? My life is such that I often bore myself. As an example. Today I got to sit in a Union meeting for 8 hours and then had my taxes done. Ooooo…so exciting!! Now I get to play on the computer for a few hours. Oh and watch a hockey game.

Mind you I will write about 30 blogs of which I shall immediately erase cause they will so droll they will make me fall asleep. Face it…they bored me. So I will not burden you with that nonsense.

Maybe I could tell my fellow bloggers about the “dying” goat. Or about the day I spent getting rid of all my old paperwork. Nope. There are much better things to write about I said although I can’t think of any. Would they be interested in hearing about how big of a pot hole there was on the road and I damaged my rim and blew the tire out. Nah…. How about my first pet….a budge named Chipper. We had to give him away when we were moving. See boring. And before any of you bright-eyed bloggers out there think to help me….NO I WILL NOT WRITE ABOUT MY LOVE LIFE….. not that there is anything interesting in that either since we are so far apart.

Don’t give up on me though. I really will come through for you if you stick with me. Once my brain settles back to earth I will put out all the stops.


Kathy B! said...

Waiting... waiting... It's okay!! Happens to the best of us :)

We're very patient creatures!

Zeemaid said...

I know exactly what you mean, I've always said the same about those reality shows. Oooh look she just picked her nose. *L*

I am sure inspiration will hit sooner or later. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your prayers and crossed fingers. :)

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

been there done that...its ok...we will wait for ya to be inspired again

Minxy Mimi said...

This happens to me too... I live a boring life. Sometimes I have nothing to blog about!
I will just wait here patiently for ya!

Anonymous said...

It definitely comes in waves, doesn't it? We'll be here the whole time.

Bee and Rose said...

I'm not going anywhere!! NO WAY! I will wait and wait and wait!

I am going through blog drought these days! My brain is fried mush!

(that cat photo cracks me up!)

Anonymous said...

Lol! Yeah, that does sound like a boring day!

And I always write way more blogs than I publish because I'm like 'ppl won't wanna read this!' lol!

Is that an orange cat?!

Anonymous said...

It'll happen when it does. Maybe when something funny happens...or maybe it's really about the pot hole. 'Ode to the pot hole?

I wonder when I'll stop running out of every day. Then my daughter pees everywhere when she's potty trained and vwala....

Lana said...

Mom, you HAVE to tell the story about the "dying" goat. HAVE. TO. It's a gooder.

Anonymous said...

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