Tuesday, January 20, 2009


So here I sit…. I lost another argument.

It happened like this:

Me: I need some chocolate

Self: No you don’t

Me: Yes, I think I do

Self: You want it…You don’t need it

Me: One piece won’t hurt

Self: That’s the same argument you gave yesterday and then you ate 8

Me: I did not!!!

Self: Yup..pretty sure you did.

Me: Do you not have anything better to do than count how many chocolates I eat.

Self: You did ask for my help..

Me: Well I meant if I was to really go overboard

Self: 8 is overboard and you didn’t work out today or yesterday like you said you would

Me: Why don’t you go get busy counting my socks or something?

Self: Because you made me do that a week ago and the number hasn’t changed

Me: You are so self righteous…maybe if you had more chocolate you would be more understanding

Self: Look fat ass…you want to eat chocolate till you are a thousand pounds you go ahead. Just don’t be blaming me like you always do

Me: Well maybe you should be coming up with better arguments then

Self: Here we go again….It’s always my fault. You eat chocolate and then say I didn’t try hard enough to help.

Me: Well you let me down sometimes

Self: You are impossible. Now you have me thinking I need chocolate

Me: I’ll go get it…You wait here

Self: Yeah…and you’ll eat some in there while I’m not there to count

Me: Bitch

Help Me…I am a sick person!!!


Lana said...

THAT was funny!!
I just woke Braden up with my laughing.

Anonymous said...


(counting socks?!)

Bee and Rose said...

Found you on BSU! Glad I did! Your blog rocks!

I have this argument with me all the time...LOL!

Debbie said...

You're not sick - just honest.
Don't we all have those arguments with ourselves?

Anonymous said...

Hello from BSU! Love it! I have these arguments with myself on a daily basis... and I nearly always lose!

Minxy Mimi said...

You are making me laugh here!!! Stop it you two, and send me some chocolate!

Anonymous said...

Are you sure you weren't talking to me? I'm having deja vu.

Stesha said...

Tell yourself to shove eat, and go have a piece of chocolate!

Kathy B! said...

If you stick enough chocolate in your mouth all at one time you can actually drown out the little voice :) And then you can truly enjoy the rest of the chocolate!

Kathy B! said...

... You're welcome! And that's my PERSONAL trick, so use it wisely!

Valerie said...

That's me except with ice cream. It is Self's fault she controls will power!

Anonymous said...

PS you need to set your blog to comment back to your email so when you leave an email to another blog I can click reply and email you! ;)

so here is my reply:

Yes, Weird Rocks!